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The future of manufacturing

The industry is facing a major transition to a more connected, digitized and automated manufacturing where issues such as sustainability, rapidly adjustable production, resource efficiency, preventive maintenance and AI are in focus. Manufacturing companies need to adjust to meet increasing competition, constant market fluctuations and high customer demands. Although it was many years since the concept of industry 4.0 became a widely accepted concept, a large part of the manufacturing industry has a long way to go. The need for further knowledge is great and many want help in breaking down the concept from idea to practical application.

Smart Manufacturing is the trade show that brings together suppliers, industry organizations and knowledge leaders within Industry 4.0 with the many manufacturing companies in Sweden and the Öresund region. The focus lies on how to easily implement smart production solutions in order to generate value and competitiveness through digitization, resource efficiency, flexibility and security.

smart products. mässa, smart manufacturing, processindustri
smart products. mässa, smart manufacturing, raffinaderi, oljeindustri, processindustri
smart products. mässa, smart manufacturing, bryggeri, processindustri, industri, dryckesindustri
smart products. mässa, smart manufacturing, automotive, automation, robotik
smart products. mässa, smart manufacturing, matindustri, bageri, processindustri

Smart products, tech and people

Smart Manufacturing can be broken down into three components; the equipment needed in production, the technology that connects the processes and collects data, as well as the people who analyze and enable the connection between physical and digital product. Thanks to these three pillars, solutions to complex problems can be found and processes streamlined. New opportunities in agile production and rapid industrial change can contribute to increased competitiveness and a more sustainable, resource-efficient society.

smart products. mässa, smart manufacturing

Smart Products

Smart machines and industrial equipment advanced industrial robots, 3D printers, industrial piping systems, pumps, valves, filters, fans, compressors, motors, gears, measurement and control technology.

Add-on components and operational technology that enable automation and connection eg. sensors, actuators and devices, IOlink, automation and control systems, electronics, industrial computers and routers.

smart technology, mässa, smart manufacturing

Smart Technology

Digital infrastructure
enabling connectivity and communication; network systems, cloud services, industrial communications technologies, blockchain and data security

Digital services and applications
that collect and analyze data. MES systems, big data analytics, AI and machine learning, CAD / CAM, digital twins and other software that enable smart production.

smart people, mässa, smart manufacturing

Smart People

Technical and digital expertise
such as consulting services, training, guidance and certification of both new and existing staff within technology, digitization and security

Intelligent Tools & Aids
that strengthens and enhance human ability. Augmented Reality (AR) technology, Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Cobots and HMI (Human Machine interface).


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